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Julia Gorchakova

12 Time Undefeated U.S. Rhythm & 3 Time World Mambo Champion

Former U.S. rhythm champion turned dress designer Julia has decades of experience in the ballroom industry. 

Her dance career which began at the very young age of 3 flourished over decades of dedication to her craft.

Formally retiring from dancing after her 12th consecutive U.S. Rhythm Championship she then dove into her dress designs which she had already been making for years with her first dance coach and mother Natalia Gorchakova. 


Artistry in Motion dresses are designed to make YOU stand out on the competition floor! The fabrics are imported from Austria and England. They are high-quality, luxury fabrics specifically used to fulfill Ballroom dancing needs. We proudly use high quality crystals to embellish our one-of-a-kind dresses into a true work of art.



Get to Know Us

Each dress at Artistry in Motion is hand cut by one of our talented seamstresses. They begin with a tight-fitted bodysuit to help shape your figure and provide comfort on the dance floor without compromising your ability to move. Our seamstresses work off of your true measurements to get an accurate fit while Julia's designs provide a dress shape that will compliment your best assets. 




Artistry in Motion menswear has a unique style created individually to maintain comfort and practicality, while delivering your edgy look. Each piece of menswear at Artistry in Motion is hand cut by one of our talented seamstresses. They begin with your true measurements for an accurate fit and finish off each piece with a professional touch, which offers the option to match your dance partner or created your own signature look. 

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