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Q & A with Julia Gorchakova

With our major competition, Vegas Superama, already next week I've put together a couple more questions people ask me about competitions and how to get ready for them!

1. How long before the competition should I start getting tan?

If you want to look like a pro at the competition, all you need is a couple days of planning. Either you go to a spray tan salon, or you can do it at home with Pro Tan; you

should do this the day before you compete and then rinse off the morning so the tan won't stain your ballroom dress. Before you put your dress on, however, you want to

use a spray called "Sex Symbol" to make your skin shiny and muscles more defined. Check to be sure your tan is even and everything is dry and set in place before putting your dress on. 

2. What should I check for before I leave for the competition?

Before you leave, always check for:

  • * Dance Shoes

  • * Costume for each division

  • * Matching jewelry

  • * Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

So long as you have these, all you'll need to worry about is to remember your choreography. And, even if you forget something, a vendor will most likely have it available.

3. How often should I change my costumes?

Costumes are not something needed, but something we want. You can satisfy your desire for different looks at every competition, this way everyone will be saying "what will they wear next?" Some competitive dancers love to change their look frequently to keep it exciting and to keep the Judges and audience waiting in anticipation. Artistry In Motion has a great program that allows our clients to get 50% credit on a dress they purchased so long as they return it within a year of the purchase.

4.How do I channel my nerves?

Everyone gets very nervous and anxious before a competition, it's normal. A nice way to get rid of nervousness is to do a warm up exercise prior to dancing. Also, try to do as many entries as you can so you don't have time to sit and wait for long periods of time. Have headphones with you so you can go through your choreography, even when your teacher is unavailable.

Remember, it's a new environment, a lot of people than you may be used to watching you, more couples on the floor, and different music. All of those things can make you nervous but the more you compete, the more you become used to it and turn your nervous energy into excitement and channel that into your dances.

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